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This Cantor Colthof's debut album, contains a variety of styles and genres of the Jewish song, from and outside the synagogue. Cantorial classics such as Rosenblatt's Kevakarat and Hineni meet contemporary compositions by Naftali Herstik and Colthof himself. Some forsaken gems, such as Minkowskey's "Meloch" or Lind's "Ki Keshimcha" are restored to their glory. For the lighter Jewish music lovers, the catchy "Sim Shalom" by Carus, "Vehu Yashmienu" by Werdiger and the Israeli song "Lo Teda" are included.


The arrangements were entrusted with the world renowned musician Raymond Goldstein, who plays the piano on the record. The choir and ensembles are conducted by Marc Temerlies.  


The Album, titled "Sim Shalom" is dedicated to the beloved memory of the late Shulem Ungar, a warm Jew and a cantorial enthusiast who passed away on the 3rd day of Nissan 5767.

Sim Shalom

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"I love it!!! Great chazzan, voice and production. Highly recommended."

Cantor Netanel Hershtik

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