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Chazzanut from Groningen

This production is funded by the Dutch Government, through the Dutch embassy in Tel Aviv

Chazzanut Groningen - Daniel Colthof
Preview Booklet

The manuscript collection titled "Kaul Jehoedoh" compiled in 1928 by B.M. Stern from the lore of cantor J.I. Vleeschhouwer, chief cantor in Groningen is a unique document of 172 pages which contains the music for most of the liturgical cycle, which is a typical example of the Western European style, which at the time, dominated also in the Dutch Synagogue music.

The 16 pieces presented in this album are a small selection out of the Kaul Jehoedoh collection, selected in order to showcase the style of Dutch  synagougal music. Part of the pieces are well-known not only in Groningen but all over the Netherlands.

The center for research on Dutch Jewry at the Hebrew university, Mt. Scopus Jerusalem, leading the project with the support of the Dutch government made this album available.

Canrot Daniel Colthof is accompanied by Raymond Goldstein on the piano, as well as on the arrangements, and a male quartet led by Meir Briskman. 

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